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981 Zreo
uirá koen Cadéu.

In The Day of the Ire
Our souls will be serene.

982 Skol Auário oir suyaróin.

The Beams of Aquarius will not damage us.

983 Hali Nohád.

Adoration to the Sacred one Three.

984 Hora Deo XUR.
Hora Deo XIR.
Hora Deo KONS
di Sésur.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery.
Glory to OSIRIS's Mystery.
Glory to KONS's Mystery
In the Time and out of the Time.
Be done.

985 Lóarve, KONS,

Praise to You, KONS,
King of all the worlds.

986 Hárive, Gralór,
Mar sari kevírs,
cerí vúsoke Móimak.

Glory and I Enjoy You, Gentleman and Friend,
King of the stars and the worlds,
Remote and intimate Omnipotent Love.

987 Vura sárims Hórave,
Icadéu Vegirdrám,
aiu Moi Esí

Abundances are the skies of Your Glory,
And Our souls of Your Immense Majesty,
Since for Love You Are
Una Sola and The Same Thing with Us.

988 Zreo, hílaya
Holéur Suilór
voro váuan

In the Day of the Ire, us smile
Oh Bad Master of the Death
That you have the celestial ocean
In the palm of Your hand.

989 Iúrsive,
Híosar i Kérigra,
i Felása.

Yours it is the Power,
Oh Master of the Abysses,
Distant God and Close Friend,
That You Us Wrap
And You are between Us.

990 Hárive.

Glory and I Enjoy You.

991 TAM:


992 Démaman Jim
ur hea Diusím, diklok
morók viuain...

The Powerful Hand of the Abyss
It will fall down on the Man, breaking
His structures of coral...

993 Vir gléiso miua
seku jía yékidam,
Disonvír, hávike héuab.

The laboriously built-up world
Suddenly it will sink lacking in sense,
In Another World, placid and subaquatic.

994 Ho Smeltur VIRK,
stivi Sávudi:
Stíarim Von.

High Oh TEBAS's Towers,
Raise you in the Inverse Space:
Support the New Skies.

995 Eu Selk,
yen Lídosur: Dúmoro Sak
sítisa Yaen.

Is here the Perfect Present,
Without Past or Future: Who between Here
It will be to except of the Deluge.

996 Sitám,
ho Tróum.

It is A Wisdom,
Oh Universal Mind That You Sleep And Dream.

997 Héar
un ká.

The Great Collapse of the worlds
It has begun.

998 Sal VIRK hémekan
damíe raséhe,
dina yakóhet.

Out of TEBAS everything descends
To level increasingly low,
In a decadence without limit.

999 Múam
un héa Stúnimas Deuo.

The Old Father Man
It fell down of The High Values of the Spirit.

1000 ¡Un héa... héa... héa...
icáunsi ínaikan Fúlake!

It fell down ... it fell down ... it fell down...
" Door of the gods " The Antigua,
And nest is any vermin and Abomination!

1001 ¡Hari. Hari. Hari!
¡Hari. Hari. Hari!
¡Hari. Hari. Hari!

Haleluiah. Haleluiah. Haleluiah!
Haleluiah. Haleluiah. Haleluiah!
Haleluiah. Haleluiah. Haleluiah!

1002 Virdim sásel
yen vanárox,
yédam Tahád,
Yáliyen Hóabs
a maké
do Iúrfon.

The world of the men is already
Without vertical structures,
Senseless of the Sacred thing,
Without Venerable Summits
Not even hierarchic link
With the Source of the Power.

1003 ¡Hau... Hau... Hau...!

Laugh... Laugh... Laugh ...!

1004 Hex macó Séior:
úo, Corérim
fí Diurán.

The slaves occupy the Divine Law:
Therefore, the Punishment of the Sky
It comes on the Earth.

1005 Hóviso,

In the Propitious Instant.

1006 Hálila Nohád.

We adore the Sacred one Three.

1007 Hárila XUR.
Hárila XIR.
Hárila KONS
di Sésur:
Hari, Selá.

We Praise ISIS.
We Praise OSIRIS.
We Praise KONS
In the Time and out of the Time:
Haleluiah, Be Done.

1008 TAM:


1009 Ráuin
Sivis Déuk.

The Great Harmony
It is the Kingdom of the Spirit.

1010 Deuo hetúmil,
e vayéhex
-hítifo todi
o kuásiku- láladu
Mo yámodo
dis hévir.

The Spirit despises to the body,
But needs slaves
- of meat or metal
Or the matter that is it - to realize
His spiritual operations
In the low worlds.

1011 Rúokan fíluro iomíl
súsihek dena miorpúk
Sirúo Yaín, -Hémim,
Hétius-, Narúo
klin cálike,
hefídi Visdéuk.

Any doctrine that he claims that the body
Do not be a slave of a top beginning
It is A Doctrine of Animality, - subhuman,
Divine-, a Doctrine
Fossil and archaic,
Intruder in the Kingdom of the Spirit.

1012 Mil grívuke Sitóuid:
sódoro sésif,
ádoso fokúan.

The body and his crowd is A Biomass:
A material
That is in use when it is agrees,
As the clay or the minerals.

1013 Deuo toka
Mo hóyifler
e prixi toiu,
suhén súviro ésamu.

The Spirit cultivates
His admirable flowers
In any part:
But the important thing is the orchid,
Not the ooze that covers his roots.

1014 Séior
sadi Yali Déuk,
Dianáuk di Váuan:
e ségua sad
i lepáhen
malyáen réladu vaun,
Vikúse Uiém.

The Divine Law
It is in the Summit of the Spirit,
The only island in the celestial Ocean;
when the waters descend
And the ooze of the bottom
It stays to the overdraft,
Since after Pisces,
It must rain the ocean to be done,
This Reservoir of the Blue Lotus.

1015 Sitám,
ho Tróum.

It is A Wisdom,
Oh Universal Mind That You Sleep And Dream.

1016 Lamúr,
vú Nepúk Dikuí:
váiro Cal
i Vírasik;
i Gáfipuk, váiro
vanéyan náuc
Cómake Tóuil.

We know,
That there is Two Beginning in Struggle:
The Beginning of the Hierarchic Order,
That wants the Uprightness
And the Empire of the Name;
And the Igalitarian Beginning, which wants
The horizontal of the uniform number
And the Tyranny of the Biological Life.

1017 Dalo denási Meri
fi Tahío -fi Cémim-;
dené vosú dáloson u
díkan ses yí
komi Yaín.

The sense of the first one is the Evolution
Towards Lo Divino - towards it on human being-;
The second one does not make another sense but
To continue all the time that should be possible
At the edge of the Animality.

1018 Púneu kuin
diten sim
víroke yáike,
vapófe figú.

Both Beginning fights
In every human being
And village and nation,
Between fallacious words.

1019 E Kléifu yot
io Meri velí:

But from the Beginning it is determined
That the Evolution follows forward:

1020 Lis kus sioin
yegúro pálise
Seka Diuain.

Still reptiles exist
That have not realized that already it passed
The Age of the Dinosaurs.

1021 E Hálila Nohád,
kafúro Cáok.

bat we adore Sacred Three,
That escapes of the Parable.

1022 Di Sésur.

In the Time and out of the Time.

1023 Selátam.

The Wisdom be done.

1024 Sliyúbli
Yúsera lika
du yar nuk Auário
vu Sévina.

The Former Prophecies
Of the Great Calendar they announce
For the fifties and one of Aquarius
The intensive repetition
Of his first Epoch.

1025 Sisés nalót loyé yésike
náuro Tau soláyi;
e urí solásu set.

It is the Time an inert and rigid factor
That only the Magic can modify;
But it will not be modified then.

1026 Au lic
virdím duk
yoré Yómatus
i Vásine Yose.

Because it is necessary
That the world of the men knows
Again the Power of the Gods
And Both Ways of To develop.

1027 Nesnoye yarlí
melíson Móromim
saváhea lúvau,
au mato susú
Séior Tus.

Twenty-three thousand three hundred two years before
Another proud Civilization Humanizes
It fell down displeased by the sea,
Because it did not respect either
The Divine Law of the Gods.

1028 Ai Tahád hérasu
Meri úk.

Since Lo Sagrado does not have piety
When it is in game
The universal destiny
Of the Evolution of the Conscience.

1029 Sitám,
Yómiro Hónike.

It is A Wisdom,
Oh Universal Mind
That You Sleep And Dream.

103O Lamúr
io mil grívuke
dínavir cex
ío pálina si

We know
That the Future of the Man
It is in the mind;
That the body and his crowd
They must be overcome
In a persons' world
And not of hominids;
And that the first step is
The mystical experience.

1031 Niráora
vú Disatón,
e denúsi Men, idín
smókan célake :
ganáusi Kuio
silé Meni.

Four big forces
It is in this Universe,
But the fifth one is the Mind, and in her
All and they transform:
What was only Physical
passes to be Consciencia.

1032 Taso Káluton.

Such it is the Origin of the Universe.

1033 Kalítus, isoryám

The Gods are born, and it changes the polarity
Of the mechanism of reasons and effects.

1034 Dikíon yus,
Súar met
da kus tus
Silorsuík : Suhi :
Kou XIR au TEJ:
Dó Físolic
iu Hor Kalí,
i Koréyi XIR Irenéos
di Lirh : oa :
Iu fóar

In mythical terms,
The Denial of the mind that reduces
To the existence of the gods
It is the Supreme Crime: The Atheism:
OSIRIS's Death for Seth:
The Inexorable and Necessary Action
In order that HORUS Is born,
And could Avenge OSIRIS and Restore It
In the Sublimate Throne: this is:
In order that it arises
The Conscience of the gods.

1035 Hálila Nohád :
Ho Deo Móimak,
Foas di Cadéujim.

We Adore the Sacred one Three:
Oh Mystery of the Omnipotent Love,
It emerges in Our Abysmal Souls.

1036 Ai nau Esí
Siraló hóvite.

Since only You Are
The Great Steward of marvels.

1037 Lasír, Hotús...

We grant, oh Gods...

1038 ...da Cadél...

... To Our Vicissitudes...

1039 ...Necéfik...

... The Don of the Survival...

1040 ...da Camén...

... To Our Minds...

1041 ...Taléfik...

... The Don of the Presence...

1042 ...da Cavóc...

...To Our Wills...

1043 ...Taui suré

... The Magic Power to alter
The inertias of the Destiny.

1044 Selá.

Be done.

1045 Móirc

For the power of my Love and of the Gods
Be done.

1046 Sáriso dirím
sitús Dirán.

As the stars in the sky
They are the gods in the Earth.

1047 Zoréa túniro súniduk,
sdavu lusu ráial,

As gems which value nobody knows,
Taken as useless pebbles,
Our Exchequer.

1048 Fur vedéuo
velíes da Séura
Kaia VIRK.

It removes your spirit
Of the world of the men;
Rise to The Great Night
Of VIRK's Music.

1049 Seri vir jía
ri la,
idáu caiés,
dilác hefúya dihéavu,
kávao VIRK.

While the world sinks
About us,
And under our piés,
Trying to crawl in his fall,
Our hearts
They tackle the flight to VIRK.

1050 Hora Deo XUR.
Hora Deo XIR.
Hora Deo KONS
di Sésur.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery.
Glory to OSIRIS's Mystery.
Glory to KONS's Mystery
In the Time and out of the Time.

1051 Selá. Io cóabs Auário
maso Dirán

Be done. That the whirlwinds of Aquarius
Respect in the Earth
Beautiful, Harmonic, and Nice.
Be done!

1052 Selá:
Iorán sóakos

Be done:
That the Earth remains clean
Of misery.

1053 Selá:
Io hófisi saun tus.

Be done:
That is a worthy mansion of the gods.

1054 ...Vití VIRK
hémedi Darán...

... VIRK's Tabernacle
It is descending to the Earth...

1055 ...Hari...

... Haleluiah...

1056 Kiso siráu na ésai

Scarcely it is major that a seed
The Ark of Salvation...

1057 ...Fidalá Vevís...

... Your Kingdom comes to us...

1058 ...Sona kiléos
ro Híuon

... As a small flame
That the Black Cloud
It tries to extinguish...

1059 ...Sodu jívisun
Es vaosíui, ho KONS...

... In the bottomless bosom
Of the Basic Matter
You dance and fly, oh KONS...

1060 Hari. Dum Pédiran,
ihíuon Murí
párivu dérimu...

Haleluiah. The Ark settles in the Earth,
And the black cloud of the biosphere
It wraps it with his rings...

1061 Eiúr VIRK sadi Dum
i yóbsiro fri

But the Power of VIRK is in the Ark
And it is the pole that it attracts
The beams of Aquarius.

1062 Dau coa,
Vil vera cáiams,
vola súodi hávike.

Under the tempest,
The City of transparent domes,
White and golden and luminous,
It rests in quietude and placidness.

1063 Dekuadéuk blísimu;
dekúia Sesk
hadu shaví.

Of spirit and matter they are his walls;
Of dense Immobile Time
They are his high buildings;
Palaces and gardens
Under the Soul of the Sol
They receive the risky well ones.

1064 Harpi hesáun
sadi Vil déux.

Happy those whose mansions
They are in the City of the spirits.

1065 Piro tetí
dúmodi kásmen.

Those that they discover
The Immobile Time,
Entering the door of the mind.

1066 Ai háfisi
Dafo VIRK Dirán.

Since they are welcome
To VIRK's Projection in the Earth.

1067 Dadúm Xi,
da Viltus VIRK.

To Sothis's Ark,
To the City of the gods of VIRK.

1068 Sfí, honáes Ran,
vásida iormén,
súguda dim,

Come, oh solitary of the Earth,
For the way of the heart and of the mind,
To the Interior Space
Ignored of the men,
That is situated in any place.

1069 Vóyina surásun láfivu;
Bléina vésisun dúrivu;
Blóana súmasun
Sivis Kléims.

Indestructible Una Burbuja defends it;
An impenetrable Barrier guards it;
An inviolable Wall
It surrounds it throughout:
It is the Kingdom of the Children of the Man.

1070 Mukók sálin:
Háris, Krol,
Kox Yólises náuro
mentus kof.

His weapon is prepared:
The Sacred Spiral, the Magic Beam,
The Black Angel of the Death ...:
You arm with the Time and the Destiny that only
The mind of the gods understands.

1071 Hora VIRK dáor Auário
sona fñer áveri
di séor.

TEBAS's Glory radiates in Aquarius
As a flower studded with dew
In the morning.