Modules of





151 Keho KRIST esí Yos Yel.

You oh SOKARI are the Immobile Engine.

152 Nohád vóladi Volál
sona píon lai
dínarim sáriyen.

The Sacred one Three rests in His perfection
As a drop of light
In a sky without stars.

153 ...Múriya...

... Absorb us...

154 íraso diséu
iáloi camói Dirivé.

Since butterflies in the night
re-demolish our loves around You.

155 Ais físur Dakéi gesé,
e Lasérsi teré.

We go and come to the Life time after time,
But We always are the same.

156 Sor yoi vir,
e La
sersi teré.

It changes the face of the world,
But We
Always we are the same.

157 Talu Tosí máviya,
e La
mavi sosváiur.

The Mechanics of the Being possesses us,
But We
We possess the sceptre of the movement.

158 Noési kluvu :
Toká, Cáneke Rodo.

Three it is his key:
I, The Unfolded one and The Relation.

159 Hórave Kéiro
tenádi La.

Glory to You through that You Live
In each of Us.

160 Hórave jíriro Nánove
iu Moi kósiyi kus.

Glory to You that you crush three times
In order that the Love could manage to exist.

161 Kéhasi Taná,
Vetél Kere
dusi Toké:
ieo fóar Moi.

You that you are one,
You separate of You itself
To be El You:
And the Love is as well as arises.

162 Es Nep
i gasénat
dirím idirán :
Tróim, Noa Itís,
Mai Kehék,
Deuo Kemíl.

You Unfold Yourself
And you appear simultaneously
In the sky and in the land:
God and Man, Name and Carrier,
Gentleman and Slave,
Spirit and Body.

163 Furáuin
Es heme Dadrím;
Mehófu da Moi Toké
husá sigú,

From The Great Harmony
You descend to the Confusion;
fron the power
To the Impotence;
From the Narcissism to the Love to You
Anywhere that will demonstrate,
Distant and alone.

164 Caléiar di Trou
au ain sad Darán
duyi Móiya.

Our pedestals in The EMPIRE
They are empty,
Because we have descended to the Earth
To be able To love Ourselves.

165 Aisí Sistús
dolu Dáyerim :

We are Real Gods
For having left the Sky:

166 Ei sámila kos
aihí Taná, -XIR-,
Tosí Lonsóf
Fériplos, ( = Klíor )
Sora Yis; e Moi
vusúkus sun,
a Kásena bú
dus virsi
ketóns, pásudu XIR,
a Tosídu, Adulá.

If we had remained there
We would be Lo Uno, - OSIRIS-,
The Infinitely good Being
Of Held up Heart,
Master of the Death,
The Supreme Peace; but the Love
It would never have existed,
There would not even be a Beginning
For the worlds and the beings
And universes, not even for OSIRIS,
Not neither for The Being, nor for Us.

167 Au Vartus

Because the way of the Gods
It is Inverse.

168 La físur Trou,

We go and return of the EMPIRE,
Time after time,
Eternally and forever.

169 ...Ka Ve Umi...

... I Love You...

170 ...Kamó...

... I Love You...

171 Ain tisu Drum
da Tróum,
vuyóas sulálsi,
yísula salsún Trou,
ai sa kasása.

We have left The Divine Decision
To the Mind of the Universe That It Sleeps and Dreams,
- the Machine that Takes form
To The Combinatorial Illusion-,
Taking care well
That his functioning is not perfect,
Because in case of it being,
We might never go out of the EMPIRE,
Since this one would be everywhere.

172 Taso Trúo,
o... Trutásion.

Such it is The Problem of Mal,
Or... blak's Calculation.

173 Ei Nano suklók,

If the triple thing had not broken,
The Being would not be any more that
A request of beginning.

174 Un lic TEJ koi XIR
iu Tosí fóar Sur
Divonóa HOR.

It was necessary that SETH was killing OSIRIS
In order that The Being was arising of Nothing
In His Name HORUS.

175 TEJ Ivosuík
Sihél Silú
iu Tásilor Taiu
Mesísin Kuio.

SETH and His Crime
They are The Indispensable Evil
In order that The Supreme Mathematical Theorem
Physics was turning actually.

176 Sin Kaoskúk,
e Camo soga hío.

Reality of Chaos and Horror,
But Beautiful while divine.

177 Tesó Nano
Kalíke Moi

The Break of the triple thing
And the Birth of the Love
It are Una Sola and The Same Thing.

178 Uo, Tanáno
mesí Tesi,
lámedi La.

Therefore, the one and Trill
It turned into Plural,
Becoming We.

179 I Hémela dasvír
duyi Móiya.

And We descended to the worlds
To be able To love Ourselves.

180 Yasé Trou
fire honi Mutáiutus,
guyífe Kaoskúk
Sodákui HORT.

Eternally and forever The EMPIRE
It continues dreaming His Mathematical Gods,
In the center of the nightmare of Horror and Chaos
In the shape of Struggle of HORUS and SETH.

181 HOR Aisí;
TEJ lecé.

HORUS We Are We;
SETH is everything else.

182 E Líladi, HOR váisu
surá TEJ, lusó
saréla dudá Tanádi
Trou; i Moi jur,
i vúlisu kus, sona
núem sniú dikán mutáiuk.

But in the Program, HORUS does not want
To knock down SETH, because in such a case,
We would return to be enclosed in Lo Uno
Of the EMPIRE; and the Love would become extinct,
And nothing would have existed, as one ever
Equation of zeros in all his terms.

183 HOR váisu surá TEJ,
u córivo Bráfemo,
kérogan, io HORT
Sisi Kuré : KONS.

HORUS does not want to knock down SETH,
But to catch it between His arms,
So narrowly, that HORUS and SETH
It manage To be Una Sola and The Same Thing: KONS.

184 Ea, sid
tresu hásur,
u Uínsur.

This way so,the beings
They are not in two places at the same time in good and bad,But
in Harmonic and Inharmonious.

185 Lala Uín kóredi
Dómesi Tiús;
lala Uín divír
Yóasi Tiús

To realize The Harmony in yes same
is the Autorrealización del Tiuz;
To realize The Harmony in the world
It is the function of the Tiuz
As Warrior of the Empire.

186 Nayákuir
sife HORT, e tókovu
Vírasi, Sámar KONS.

The War of The Million Years
It is between HORUS and SETH, but his result
It is The EMPIRE, where Reigns KONS.

187 Daiárdim
Vírasi dasu :

To the eyes of the men
The EMPIRE is transparent:

188 Lohúo Yúmate
fesáro meté
víkodi súmasun.

They see scarcely the Emblems
Of the Imperial Doors
That of span in span are opened
In the impassable border.

189 Smesé lis kalíla

To remember that still we are born
In the world of the men.

190 Ae vásila sávida
au Tahío

Though we walk along the valley
Of the shades of death
We are not afraid,
Because The wonderful thing
It is in us.

191 Séodi hule, Héruva.
er Vahóin i Ar sítive.

In the day of the distress, My serf,
You will cry out Me and I will save you.

192 Ar doi veféir, Vahék,
vamíl, i Ar sítive.

I will hear your request, My serf,
My body, and I will save you.

193 Vamói sádive,
ai esí Vavío
i Ka ve tímide.

My Love is in you,
Since your you are My ship
And I your navigator.

194 Ne ménilik sure
vóvila dínare Del.

Two consciences and two different lives
We share in the same destiny.

195 Súreso yutála
kéiun tiré,
ai Así dem,
e Hérava sávos.

Differently we interpret
The same experiences,
Since I am immortal,
But My piety is with you.

196 Esí Va moilhék
Así, Hotís,
velugdáiv, ivetín líed.

You are My good dear slave
In whom I have all My complacencies;
I am, oh Carrier,
Your soft yoke, and your light load.

197 Hátima hea diuvé
i er duk Nahál
séxiro ve sóersun.

My donations will fall down on you
During thousands of years;
And you will know a Happiness
That now you do not understand.

198 Au zram Moi
dúvisu a nonkéi,
a Fiktius
nanáudi kus.

Because the immensity of the Love
It does not fit not in thousand lives,
Not even the Don of the God
In an alone existence.

199 Hali Nohád.

Adoration to the Sacred one Three.

200 Hora Deo XUR.
Hora Deo XIR.
Hora Deo KONS
di Sésur.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery.
Glory to OSIRIS's Mystery.
Glory to KONS's Mystery
In the Time and out of the Time.
Be done.

201 Ain Hémeran

We have descended to the Earth
As Warriors of the Empire.

202 An méive, Vahék,
dutéilu meiár,
idóilu medód,
ilúk di veiór.

I have taken you, My serf,
To see for your eyes,
And to hear for your ears,
And to feel in your heart.

203 Así ve Síktius :
Así dalo velík.

I am your Name and your God:
I am the sense of your life.

204 Asó dávero ve
ke yísukof;
e ídeso lomáke
neu pire naré Hora.

What I do across you
You cannot understand it;
But as the horse and the rider
We inform both of the same Glory.

205 Ya Sikuírc :
sikuír ne
ro Vudirán
na dáiom.

Our War is transparent:
It is the war of two
Spiritual worlds
That have in the Earth
A field of battle.

206 HORT Sinekuínk :
Todál Kepín :
to Uínpuk,
Fefi, Mami, Vic,
i to Lávipuk, fefu,

HORUS and SETH are Both Soldiers:
The Krystal and The Powder:
The Beginning of Harmony,
Inward, Hierarchic, Imperialism,
And Libertad's, centrifugal Beginning,
Degrading and fragmentary.

207 HOR Déuxi Lákiro
TEJ Déuxi

HORUS is the Spirit that It Creates
The High Structures;
SETH is the Spirit
Of the Heaviness and the Collapse.

208 HOR Látimo Matífub
válida lía
te yálimas
teyúfi cérivirs.
TEJ Hefúmo cive hedé
dáyil var het,
gesé, fi Kanáta.

HORUS takes His ascetic Warriors
For the difficult path
Of the high summits
Towards unknown celestial worlds.
SETH drags to His wretched hordes
For the easy way of the decadence,
Time after time, towards the beginning.

209 HOR liváfi Úsir;
TEJ lefúser
púmifi Uore Sur.

HORUS advances towards The Ideal Unattainable one;
SETH moves back always
Towards the center Bosom of Nothing.

210 Fi Sálidor,

Up, or Down,
They are Both Universal Trends.

211 Vírasi Horkrét :
Lávisi Diuín,
Fílido Fóredi,
Mámike Dimo,
Ken Násur.

THE EMPIRE is The Hórica Síntesis of the
Opposite ones:
It Is A Freedom in Harmony,
Ascendancy in Effusion,
Hierarchy and Permanency,
Lo Uno's communion and Manifold.

212 Vírasi KLEL
tíviro zren
bráemu firím,
jíake zren
ésamu dirán.

THE EMPIRE is The Eternally green Tree
That raises continuously
His branches towards the sky,
And it sinks continuously
His roots in the land.

213 Vírasi Hórado
HORT cea kantú.

THE EMPIRE is the Glorification
Of HORUS and SETH beyond any measurement.

214 Selá Laiúk :
Io tokú
kam Víradi.

The Light of the Conscience be done:
That all the things
Wake up in The EMPIRE.

215 Hari. Selá.
Io kam tokú :
Sgéran, Kam.
sdíkudim, Kam.

Haleluiah. be done.
That wake all the things up:
Children of the Earth, Wake up.
Works of the men, Despertad.

216 Rax Kekárs, Kam.
Sváu Kefúi, Kam.
Sderkán Ran,

Rocks and mountains, Wake up.
Seas and rivers, Wake up.
You plant all of the Earth,
Wake up.

217 Skudékan Vakéi,
Sova sau.

Objects all of My life,
Wake up,
Intimate friends
Of My own house.

218 Kam, leho,
Teyél, teso

Wake up, oh you,
The Immobile ones, those to whom
The men call
" Inanimate things ".

219 Skámkrit
da Vatéir Kevalík,
ho Vírakins,
au dúo kósiye

Wake up secretly
To My look and to My life,
Oh Children of the Empire,
Because also it comes to you
The Kingdom of the skies.

220 Io Seia Vadéton :
¡ Kansívirs, Kam !

That the Law furrows the Universe:
beings of all the worlds, Wake up!

221 Ho Yor Tar, ¡Kam!
Ho Far Mum, ¡Kam!
Ho Ciuárs,

Oh Father Sun, wake up!
Oh Mother Moon, wake up!
Oh Stars of the System,
Wake up!

222 Skam, yíviyin.

Wake up, countless atoms.

223 Iokám

That Wake up
The Space and the Time.
That Wake up
The Infinite and the Eternity.

224 Selá : Tomá Meni.

Be done: It Is The Law of the Conscience.

225 I ke, Vamíl, Vahék,
grake tis, Kam.

And you, My body, My serf,
Friend and carrier, Wakes up.

226 Esí di Mank
lúdaso dénakim;
sona vío duna livo;
sona soio duna liké.

You are in My hand
As the toy of a child;
As a ship for a pilot;
As a car for a driver.

227 Kórave hapú sosé
Vaiús, e tame
As dílive.

It lasts it you can be sometimes
My Presence, but well you know that
I guard over you.

228 Síkusi Mank
i Vauésk sisít :
pasu sféurar
téik léfove :
au Ka sádive.

Road surface is My hand
And My pulse is sure:
do not be afraid
Not though the major dangers
Demonstrate to leave to the step:
Do not be afraid,
Because I am in you.

229 Iei esú Kenvók
di Yasáuok,
er téuir
sunóroin yiléve.

And if you have communion with Me
In Our Interior Sanctuary,
You will see for your own eyes
That no hurt can to you happen.

230 Au Láfika
do Sóvadob
ve deumilmén,
ho Vatís,
i As fíkios vos,
dúsuve klok.

Because I defend
With My own force
Your soul and your body and your mind,
Oh My Carrier,
And I go slowly with you,
Infinitely slow
Not to break.

231 Da kómire
As látive sénon senú
tásuke, ai Asá
mati sevís.

To the edge itself
Of the Kingdom of the Death
I take thousand times to you every day
Without you to know it, since I am
Conquering this kingdom.

232 Eléusu,
yúsoven dirím
Así Sum;
i esí tih

Do not be afraid,
That as the Wind in the sky
I am Free;
And you are the vehicle
Of My Freedom.

233 Hálila Nohád.

Let's adore the Sacred one Three.

234 Hora Deo XUR.
Hora Deo XIR.
Hora Deo KONS
di Sésur.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery.
Glory to OSIRIS's Mystery.
Glory to KONS's Mystery
In the Time and out of the Time.

235 Selá. Ais físur gesé,

Be done. We go and come time after time,
Eternally and forever.

236 Sor yoi vir,
e La
sersi Teré.

It changes the face of the world,
But We
Always we are The Same.

237 Io Kam Cérisim.

That The Celestial Man Wakes up.

238 Go Sigátus.

The one that is equal to the Gods.
Be done.

239 Keho yómiro Dirán
duni Vesík.

Oh You that you sleep in the Earth
The dream of the men,
It receives Your Name.

240 Fidá Dítimo VIRK
fíredi Hoi

Come in His Wings to VIRK
Following The Call
Of the Great Diamond.

241 Io Láim Kósive.

That the Intellectual Light comes to You.

242 Téiart
Táuveri yasá.

It opens Your eyes and sees
That the Magic You surrounds throughout.

243 Io Sádisem Veiór
i soédive Tam.

That the Eternity is in Your heart
And in Your thought the Wisdom.
Be done.

244 Ho KONS, Keha Mar,
di Múam
Tiús yómiro hónike

Oh KONS, You That You Reign,
Bundle that wakes up
In the Old Father Man
The Tiuz that it sleeps and dreams
To the Omnipotent Love.

245 Selá. Io Hárofun.

Be done. That is thrown the Benediction.

246 Selá.
Io Áyora zrom.

Be done.
That The Great Diamond sparkles.

247 TAM.


248 Yoli sosi lumá.

The Destiny is like a perfect machine.

249 Diná Feyú sákan :
Tayíke Físota.

Since in a Royal Stamp it is quite:
possible and Unavoidable.

250 Ménimark
hémeni hévirs;
hos sónakim;
a dráim,
a Prink,
a Feyúvirk :
ai hémeni au Móike dihós.

The Sovereign Conscience
It descended to the low worlds;
Innocent as a child;
Without going with him
Neither the power nor the glory,
Not even the Wreath of All the Worlds,
Not even the Stamp of VIRK's Empire:
Since it descended for Love and in Innocence.

251 Sámisam di Trou
fire laka
kláum Sin
di Dríe tons
Méniri Mart.

There Up in the EMPIRE
continues taking form
Lights and shades of Reality
Around the Sovereign Conscience.

252 Ai un lic
Hel Heyáke

Since it was necessary
That The Basic Throne
He was learning for Yes Same
That The Evil and The Inferiority
are the alone one and the same Thing.

253 Ea,
Ménimart hémeni
hévirs Idarán,
iu himé
Guyí Kaoskúk
Tróuforo nate sona
Núem téusuit.

This way so,
The Sovereign Conscience descended
To the low worlds and to the Earth
in order to suffer in own meat
The Nightmare of Horror and Chaos
That from The Empíre one sees only as one
Logical and aseptic equation.

254 Támesek Ménimart
sgalvír fúlokus
vake Ráuin.

Now he knows well the Sovereign Conscience
That such worlds must not exist
To the margin of The Great Harmony.

255 Séirat Dakánt :
heps mucóia. Selá.

General order to all the Gods:
Descend to the Earth;
To suffer his evilnesses. Be done.

256 Au hóinvan Smot
kósini da Lirk Trou,
iviúk Lékihio

Because the long clamor of the Just persons
has come to the Great Throne of the Empíre,
And the glass of the Divine Patience
is fulfilled.

257 Iokám ai Cérisim,
-HOR-, se Kroh ro
lafo ditenvír lákaro.

That The Celestial Man Wakes up so,
- HORUS-, this Divine Germ that
The Universal Mind That Sleeps And Dreams
It projects in every world that takes form.
Be done.

258 Lir Tróusa visú;
visúsa Caléiar :
ai ain Hémeran :

The Throne of the Empíre is empty;
Emptinesses are Our pedestals:
Since we have descended to the Earth:
We are
The Celestial Man.

259 Moitúxi Dráim.

Loving is better than the Power and the Glory.

260 Móisi Sislík.

The Love is the Real Life.

261 Slákitam.

Create Wisdom.

262 Sisést.

The Time is Inverse.

263 Di Káluyus Sámoi;
Emói keyísi
i démarar.

In the Mythical Origin the Love is;
But the Love is also
The most recent
Force of the Matter
And the most powerful.

264 Tonósi Kalu; Tonósi Kó :

Three it is The Origin; Three it is The End:

265 Taná, Cane Ródoke :
Toká, Toké, Imói :
Xíur i KONS.

Lo Uno, The Unfolded one and The Relation:
I, You, and the Love:

266 Fe Kálusur
sá Mérikua,
he dálosi Déuk.

Between the Origin and the End
The Evolution of the Matter is,
Whose sense is the Spirit.

267 Yasé, Sóunsi
Taná, Takún, Ken,
seséke Taná,
rasé hasámas.

Eternally and forever, the Cycle is
Lo Uno, Lo Múltiple, The Communion,
And again Lo Uno,
Increasingly high and more lofty.

268 Imóisi Yosvól.

And the Love is the Engine of the Dynamics.

269 Steui virs

Contemplate the worlds
Of the Horror and the Chaos.

270 Sépadi Takún
Ráuin Vírake.

In Lo Múltiple's phase
They appear

271 Kuísi HORT :
Kuí Nepú :
i Vanépu

It is the Struggle of HORUS and SETH:
Struggle of Two Principles:
The Vertical Beginning
Of the Integration
And the Horizontal Beginning
Of the Mass-production.

272 Yoma HOR Fidésam;
Iur TEJ Sahe
i susáfi.

The Power of HORUS comes of Above;
The Power of SETH is Down
And does not come from any part.

273 Vusútet Fehórt.

There is no Symmetry among HORUS and SETH.

274 HOR Sitúr;
TEJ sayési pin.

HORUS is the Tower;
SETH is the dusty desert.

275 HOR fun Voyáh
ipróm Yáen :
Guayáo sayédi :
Hóradu HOR.

HORUS throws His Invocation
And the Deluge explodes:
Water and Fire in the desert:
The Powder turns
In beautiful stones
For HORUS's Glory.

276 Pin Surámac.

The powder must be a waste

277 Lamói syivi Pin.

We Love the atoms of the Powder.

278 Ladóan TEJ, Emóila Moát :
dáveke frok
Yívimo Lamói TEJ :
ai Ko aisó Déuk.

We hate SETH, but We Love His atoms:
And across the raw material
Of His atoms We Love SETH:
Since of we do to the Spirit.

279 Aisí Déuk :
te sid kevírs ( = noví )
Mésiya faio.

We are the Spirit:
The skies,
The beings and the worlds
They must be we I feed.

280 Moidéuk
narési Yalí :
daná hoi Déuk;
funá hoi Moi.

The Love and the Spirit
They are the same Uprightness:
Bottom up it is called A Spirit;
Of up to down it is called A Love.

281 KONS hémeni
idím Kasúvo.

KONS descended
To the Earth of the men,
And the men pushed him back.

282 Ei KONS heme
Darán sióins
dúo sióins

If KONS had descended
To the Earth of the reptiles
Also the reptiles
They would have pushed him back.

283 Au Moi hémero
pahé hírara físoke :
Súan Déuk

Because the Love that descends
It commits the most serious and not exchangeable mistake:
contradicts to the Spirit
And it enters conflict
With His own Uprightness.

284 Ais Hali Nohád.

We Adore the Sacred one Three.

285 ¿ Úa yisá sal Dok
surádu hévirs
mínike do yívico
svir VIC ?

Wherefrom if the Energy would not go out
In order that it destroys to the low worlds
And to obtain with his atoms
The worlds of the EMPIRE?

286 Eu fáseno vayo :
KONS heme Lumóike Dihós
dim Kasúvo ilíg
Vo Makmót :
KONS surá virdím
i Médiran

Are here three phases of the process:
KONS descends for Love and in Innocence
To the world of the men;
The men push back and provoke Him
hes Omnipotent Justice:
KONS destroys to the world of the men
And it integrate to the Earth
In The Great Harmony.

287 Hari. Somarmárs
KONS sadi Klirk,
rima kúi
-Huns HORT-,
Féluco cívelon,
seri KONS hila

Haleluiah. As King of kings
KONS is in the Red Throne and I pray,
To whose feet fight
The Fear and the Desire,
- shades of HORUS and SETH-,
By means of His infinite hordes,
While KONS smiles
Distant and dreamy.

288 Moi sina Mar cúregin :
"Hóratem Suí"
dei ódam Dems :
"Hóriho Célamun,
suvi Veyói Mósadi

The Love is a sweet and fierce King:
" Eternal and infinite glory to the Death "
says the Anthem of the Immortal ones:
" Sublime Oh Machine of Transformation,
covers Your Face in The Presence
Of the Living God ".

289 Ai KONS Simái
i Suísivo Mánera.

Since KONS is A Gentleman
Of the Eternal Life,
And the Death is His Great Minister.

290 Móisi Hátirim :
na Lor darolún;
na Lai dumurkéi;
na Kaia
métidu ki,
sókluns VIRA.

The Love is the Donation of the sky:
A Gentleman whom serving;
A Light to be able to live;
A Music
To be left to go for her,
As instruments of the EMPIRE.

291 Móisi Brik
fomí Darán
do yénimu Tróam

The Love is the Kingdom of the skies
Extended to the Earth
With His subtle Eternal Laws
Of Life or Death.

292 Lamúr Móisi Kei
du Lésim, Ikóu
du Lísim. Hari.

We know that the Love is A Life
For the New Man, and Death
For the Old Man. Haleluiah.

293 Moi vor Yórivon.

The Love constitutes the New Nature.

294 Gomói sina troi.

The one that It Loves is a living god.

295 Hárosi Gemói.
Selá :

Be blessed those that They Love.
Be done:

296 Io Hío
fóar déucodi.

That the Divinity
Emerge in his souls.

297 Selá, Klei.

Be done, in the Principle.

298 Aisí Seslór.

We are Masters of the Time.

299 Lídosur Kesél
Sidulá kuré
sédake dólade.

The Past and the Future and the Present
They are for Us one alone and the same thing
Current and performer.

300 Meni Yadéuk
sínasem Yas;
e meni yamíl
si sékisan.

The Conscience of Our Spirit
It is an eternal Continuity;
But the conscience of our body
It is ephemeral and punctual.

301 So vao kik
Ménisi Déuk :
hunso váose,
nou kéar darás,
ménisi mil.

As the flight of the bird
It is the Conscience of the Spirit:
As the shade of this flight,
Trembling adhered to the soil,
It is the conscience of the body.

302 Sé Yalí
nao ti ménine
Lámeses Násur;
sékita láfosi
da túan hok,
i Yui sidívir

When the Uprightness
It joins both consciences
The Time becomes One and Multiply;
The ephemeral thing is projected
To the infinite dimension,
And the Sign appears in the world
With midday clarity.

303 Mudi senú Kusós
dínasar teio

Over the daily thing Something moves
In a distant trigonometry
Of reasons and effects.

304 Sitám : Kúfine húim
veta dálina;
váyero yonáo
velú Mentón
Yómiro Hónike; i rómisi

It is A Wisdom: Two events which you want
They mark a direction;
the imaginary line that joins them
It happens for The Universal Mind
That Sleeps and Dreams; and mutually they are
Reason and effect.

305 Havíro muk

Lucky is the one who perceives
The Eternity.

306 Stiro caiór
goi sékita. Selá.

Let's free to our hearts
Of the weight of the ephemeral thing. Be done.

307 Ais físur gesé,
sor yoi vir,
e La
sersi Teré.

We go and come time after time,
Eternally and forever;
It changes the face of the world,
But We
Always we are The Same.

308 ¿ Air diré
turé dekúm hóap ?

We will repeat constant
Time after time
Eternally and forever
The same tearful cross-bar?

309 ¿ Tásula Múa
ínasi cóil
yívora cómulik
sívotus hasárar ?

We do not know that the Hominid
It is a wicked beast
Very capable of embittering the life
Up to the most lofty gods?

310 ¿ ía tásula Murí
-siro hío dim-
sina Híu hélsion
Garíran ?

Perhaps we do not know that the biosphere
- that is the god of the men-
It is a bad and black Cloud
That makes a detour to the Earth throughout?

311 Háula den Hel.

To re-go of the Evil.

312 Selá Hárike.

Be done and Haleluiah.


La, Geo,
Skalí XI,


We, Children of the Light,
Born of SOTHIS,

314 kleisé savír
Séran Sivón
i Lea Seos.

In the beginning of the time of this world
We came to The Earth,
When The Earth was New
And the Hope Was Dawning.

315 Ain fidérim dacáun
dikán deumáu,
di férikan rasi,
dikán soadéuk

We came from the sky to nest
In any noble soul,
In any generous heart,
In any clean spirit
And eternally child.

316 Ain fidérim
fináke Sim,
ilacáun deudím,
yósavu mau.

We came from the sky
And we find the Man,
And we nest in the souls of the men,
generation after generation,
There where there was nobility.

317 Dane Hak
húlila Káluya,
Airánsi Yavonvírt.

In exchange for the Pleasure
Of living between the men
We forget Our Origin,
Since The Earth is Our New Mother land.

318 Nuyá Kéila
Rúnidis Lévirs,
Hérudis Úsir,
Hósidis tárikan.

During hundreds of thousands of years We Live
In the Dreamers of Future Worlds,
In the Slaves of the Ideal Inaccessible one,
In the Saints of all the religions.

319 Ai Aisí
piro Cénaku
da Deuk Sim, fótovo
inavír Cémas.

Since We are
Those that added Something
To the Spirit of the Man,they showed him
more distant horizons
And a Higher world.

320 Aisí Áseran,
Iyatúa susi nayán,
u na Mónoken.

We are the Salt of the Earth,
And Our measurement is not a number,
But a Structure of Communion.

321 E Yórisim
sidená fékosi :
kicé ídio méiac.

But the nature of the Man
It is that of an intermediate being:
Little less than angel,
Little more than instructed ape.

322 Úo,
i kro Kédovox,
mesíke páurvin.

And because of the contact with Us,
The Man stopped being
An innocent animal,
And it turned into an animal paranoiac.


323 I so nítese páur La
hoi "Coia", Sésim
mesí Yákuci,
Coia dodó :

And as to this class of paranoia We
We are called it "A" "Evilness", when the Man
It turned into a collective Entity,
The Evilness also did it:

324 Oa, Murímim
sud Hul Búob,
Feméfuc, cá
smeta fori
yin germím.

Or that, The biosphere Humanizes
It is not but the Ghost of the Magma,
Undifferentiated and Collective,
Autonomous and Independent, formed for
The mental come forms
Of innumerable human generations.

325 Kléisi Líuin.

In the Beginning it is the Language.

326 Dadáiyo Vod, Ain sae
Déuo di Taxím,
i Dare Cadéu
di vo ciuón.

On having given them the Language, We put
Spirit in the Instinct of the Man,
And the Reflex of Our Souls
In his nervous system.

327 E a Déuxe
a deu dárepe sisís,
ai fóarsu kume
diten sune, u mac
diten sim

But not this Spirit
Not even these reflected souls are real,
Since they do not emerge spontaneous
In every individual, but they have to be
Artificially introduced
In every man
By means of the education.

328 Yenésok,
Laré laki Murí,
yegúla jaléko,
ul vúrasa Yaín,

This way, ingenuously,
We themselves create the biosphere,
Without realizing up to too much late,
Of that it was filling with Animality,
Low passions and egoismo,
Cruelty and trickery.

329 Ai Tiús aisí yidó
semso kim, yenésem.

Since the Tiuz we are and we will be always
Eternally children, eternally ingenuous.

330 Ail Vairirán
dona Hío hayo lítike
sikéro móiso
díkikan savír.

We wanted to make a detour to the Earth
with a charitable and provident Divinity
That was taking care loving
All the creatures of this world.

331 Ao, ainó na Jaucóur,
na Híuon soelcóil,
rekímuc Grim,
degusí Fori Méuk.

On the other hand, we did a Perverse Monster,
A BLACK intelligent and wicked CLOUD,
Summary and compendium of the Humanity,
Of that it is A Psychic Emanation.

332 Se Hío Fruk fíler
rasé : Vóvoda Héiak
on futá Son Tus,
a Ráuin,
i kodá
Rípola :

This Monstrous God was growing
Increasingly: Swelled of Pride
it did not want to know anything of Other Gods,
And it finished for
To become in opposition to Us:

333 Kan hoskóit, kan kóir,
kansi firépol,
kan Deu ricó
Aisí; Ipór,
sisér... se Híuon.

Every innocent victim, every martyr,
Everything to be prosecuted unjustly,
Any persecuted Soul
From inside or from out,
We are We,
We are We; and the Enemy,
Anyone that is his form,
It is always ... this BLACK CLOUD.

334 Shúlida Káluya
Lumói da Sim,
hénola helkán,
do lékilon,
seri Hío Sim
ol Háula

Forgotten Our Origin
For Love to the Man,
We suffer all the evil,
Big and small,
Patiently infinite,
While the God of the Man
One and Manifold
He was laughing at Us
Beastly and stupidly.

335 ¡ Kó, Skeli,
kou Cóur !

Coarse sewing, Brothers,
The Monster dies!

336 Lasóaran doson Yáen.

Let's clean the Earth with another Deluge.

337 ¡ Dona Yáom !

With a Deluge of Fire!

338 Selá :
Io Yao samkórim.

Be done:
That the Fire raises up to the sky.

339 ¡ Selá ! : Io Híuon
mesí mókipin.

Be done!: That THE BLACK CLOUD
Turn into powder and ashes.

340 Selá : Io Ven time
Muríse dan Sur.

Be done: That the Wind takes to itself
This biosphere to Nothing.

341 Selá :
Iu dim siré
i Keyíla.

Be done:
In order that the men return to be
Innocent and happy,
And We also.

342 Hali Nohád.

Adoration to the Sacred one Three.

343 Hora Deo XUR.
Hora Deo XIR.
Hora Deo KONS
di Sésur.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery.
Glory to OSIRIS's Mystery.
Glory to KONS's Mystery
In the Time and out of the Time.
Be done.


344 A i k é .

We Have Spoken.