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1280 Mil sidéia nakéi.

The body is the garment of a life.

1281 Sémils
Fésenu Makúdeuk.

When the bodies
Return to be slaves
will sound the Hour of the Victory of the Spirit.

1282 Dakúsi ménisi,
XUR vúrakan meni :
-Tovís rax
sdérke vóleke,
eo Visdúrs,
i notésons
di Flik-.

Because being is to be conscious,
ISIS fills everything with conscience:
- the Kingdom of the rocks
And that of the plants and that of the meat,
As also the Kingdom of the ideas,
And that of the phenomena,
And more distant others
In the Incessant Ascension of the Life-.

1283 Hora Deo XUR
di Móivi XIR.

Glory to ISIS's Mystery
In His Love to OSIRIS.

1284 Ain kalí dínavir
srésami dal
inavén démayal
cure keléur mékeso TUM.

We were born in a world
Of Luminous Music,
Labyrinthine planes of crystal
And a wind of powerful wings
Sweet and BITTER as TUM's breath.

1285 Ain kalí VIRK,
sárea sfler sotóiu
i Uiém meté
sváudi Kal.

We were born in VIRK,
Where the gems bloom as orchids
And the Blue Lotus is opened
In seas of Beauty.

1286 Ho Ven démayal,
Lais TUM,
Vénsion Hur,
Ven virdéu,
Gofóas Moiuín,
Ho Kal Téisun, Mae.

Oh Wind of powerful wings,
TUM's breath,
Black wind of the Night,
Wind of the world of the souls,
The one that You Emerge of the Love and The Harmony,
Oh Invisible Beauty, SAVES.

1287 Hovén sáliro di Kaia,
léhefu feri
koce sari,
Dítime lati
cadúm deuo
sváoro démaso
so Krom.

Oh Wind that you raise in the Music,
From the deep of the heart
Up to beyond the stars,
In Your wings you go
Our passionate spirits
That fly powerfully
As the Bird of Fire.

1288 ...¡Mae!... Sitám.

... SAVE!... IS wisdon.

1289 Mentus
dókosu Lídoc...
u koyi kapú.

The mind of the gods
It does not stop before the Fact...
But looks for the reason of the Fact.

1290 Sun ku Sidulá
viko suvésun.

Something is never for Us
Impassable border.

1291 Au Líxud
Moiu Ku
kóyiro síos Ménidan :
Ku Lahóiro "Deuk".

Because the Life is not but
The Mask of Something
That searches darkly to the Conscience:
Something that We are called "A" "Spirit".

1292 E Deuo
susú nukó :
Vusúko Déodi
...a Náer.

But the Spirit
Neither it is the last border:
There is no The Last one in the Mystery
Of the Incessant Ascension of the Life,
... Not First.

1293 Déuxi "SEK".

The Spirit is "NOW".

1294 Di kóyisa síos
Deuk Buírkua
-se híulon
diríke Kure
kan rok,
cutí meni

In this dark search
Of the Conscience
On the part of Something,
The Spirit submerges in the Matter
- this infinite cloud
Of geometric points-,
And concerning Yes Same
Everything constructs it,
According to the type of conscience
That is reaching.

1295 Sitám, Homentón
Yómiro Hónike.

It is A Wisdom, oh Universal Mind
That You Sleep And Dream.

1296 Kórila
yoa kruk.

We define
A body or physical object
As a structure of Dynamical Geometry
Depending on a form of conscience.

1297 Kruxi yin :
skume kelíg,
spísura-cinára :
esérsi Deuo kóyidi,
dopéiu yin.

The forms of conscience are not numerical:
Natural and artificial
- goal natives-,
Spontaneous and provoked,
The simplest and complex:
But always it is the Spirit searching,
With vestments not numerical.

1298 Kubso disím,
Deuo Húlime
metéro diuók.

Accidental in the human being,
The Spirit forgets of Yes Same
And of the big large windows
Towards the infinite
That are opened in the brain.

1299 Mokúset
mesí yakó :
gosí léfitas
fi Yaín.

The physical or corporal at the time structure
turns into an end in yes same:
Which is to return to the route
Towards Animality.

1300 I sidíset
soue "HEK".

And then it appears
The concept of "SLAVE".

1301 Sitám.

It is A Wisdom.

1302 Héxi síkan
úson míon
lemíro Ménidan :
tigo Diyaldéuk.

Slave is every being
Low vocation
That it degrades to the Conscience:
A ballast in the Wings of the Spirit.

1303 E Mésihek
Cekálunk :

But the Slave must be
Instrument of the Union I Hiccup statics:
Such it is The Law.

1304 Sitám :
Mil sina Lunk.

It is A Wisdom:

1305 Lamói
Smónomas VIUI
hilíems mudi

We love
The High Structures of the EMPIRE
That raise over
The beautiful clouds of to know

1306 Ladéuxi
i vayéla temíl,
-Cahún Dirán,
smoiu Yaiús- :
Camól dukús
dólake Sahé.

We are the Spirit
And we need the bodies,
- our shades in the Earth,
Masks of Our Presence-:
Our organs to exist
And to act There Below..

1307 Lakeló
do ménine :
Namáike Nahék
dínare mil.

We and they
The alone one and the same thing we are
With TWO consciences:
A Gentleman and a Slave
In the same body.

1308 Sitám.

It is A Wisdom.

1309 Tiús vánisi Vasé :

The Tiuz is his line
To the Linear Time:

1310 Sina Del,
vánina dek

It is an random,
A formed cross
For the body and the Spirit.

1311 ...Hora Hélake...

... Glory and Pity...

1312 Vánisi nau Yúkou,
e Tauh
líes milkó VIRK
i kárivu
do Tamkuís.

The cross is only the Sign of the Death,
But The Sign TAU
raises to the body up to VIRK
And crowns it
With the Wisdom of the Serpent.

1313 Sívodi VIRK
mil Hexi Vulór :
na Moiu, na Tíar,
na Yueltí Vusík.

Even in VIRK
The body is A Slave of his Gentleman:
A Mask, a Support,
A banner of His Name.

1314 Latéui Tus,
su Hex.

We meditate Gods,
Not Slaves.

1315 Lasír, Hotús...


1316 Dasíx Cadél...

To the Names of Our Vicissitudes...

1317 Sin, Dram, Rams,
Hora, Iúr, Turi,
Moi, Másoke Koré.

Reality, Majesty, Royalty,
Glory, Power, Wealths,
Love, Respect and Revenge.

1218 Selátam.

The Wisdom be done.

1319 Yiús lákimal Sovo vir
vake virdím.

The Tiuz has to create His own world
To the margin of the world of the men.

1320 Lákisa

This Creation
only and organic

1321 Téila haírs ro físur :
yovírsi Cían,
e físur
das ésiran
au sesiyó sudúcim :
Mésisok fil

Let's look at the bees that go and come:
His world is The Beehive,
But they go and come
To the flowers of the land
Because that one is his exterior work:
This way it is necessary to to be the activity
Of Our bodies - slaves.

1322 Yavírsi VIRK -Ya Cían-
Sasákan Hocé.

Our World is VIRK - our Beehive-
Where All Fascination is.

1323 Vusúsal VIRK Yarohím,
suna... "lusrét", kuró
Kúar Yura
de mudógu
sodá Tanó.

Nothing is out of VIRK in that We are interested,
Except ... the "money - pollen", because it is
The Oneiric Substance
From that it is extracted
The Nectar of the Gods
In the shape of Love - Harmony - Beauty.

1324 Másola ders,
svin, cíkamims,
róvuke vúret;
kuró Yadáio damú.

We respect the plants,
The animals, the human institutions,
And everything all that has "pollen";
Because they are Our field of drinks.

1325 Elíc
páriya Vóyidi
tenéfi From,
súvedu vufúen
vesi cadéu.

But it is necessary
That we us wrap in the Bubble
Whenever we go to the World of Out,
To avoid that his poisonous atmosphere
Penetrate in our souls.

1326 Nocé
kup sadu laré
lifú, spové,
dóan kemúie
kéiro mimmúa

It is precise also
To block inside us themselves
The bad recollections, the traumas,
The hatred and the poison
That the human and killer life
It infiltrates us.

1327 Iokán sehél Fiméua :
lehédas Blok
rofáio Klim Tiús.

That all this Evil goes to the Subconscious:
To the deep warehouses of Energy
That feed the Eternal Life of the Tiuz.

1328 Iocamén
yoa di hos
icaiór dihál.

That Our minds
Work in innocence
And Our hearts in happiness.

1329 Hari. Selá: Háela NET:

Haleluiah. be done: Let's sing to NET:

1330 ódam Ve,
Léur Fara

Anthem to You,
Terrible Great Lady
Of the Arch and the Arrows.

1331 Es téirt
hayé meio
sáliro Kar
mátiro mac.

You look fixedly
The pitifu army
That rises to the Mountain
That must be conquered.

1332 Fu Veholsár
aisí kioskób,
cumíke sukít...

From Your divine distance
We are weak and slow,
Cowards and undecided,
Slept and disoriented...

1333 Ke set mei Mefít,
i hílaso soko
po hedéca
Merói yénira...

You at the time take Your arrows,
And smiling and accurately
You are throwing
Against our miseries
Your subtlest pains...

1334 Mem Ke Imefít
lasiráos keráo,
skam ke vadáha.

Thanks to You and to Your arrows
We are rapid and strong,
Brave and determined,
Awake and directed well.

1335 ¡...Ho, Yépuke...!

... Oh, if it was not for You ...!

1336 Ho NET,
Ke Tágulik.

You are what they are called "A" "Life".

1337 Gitú, tagu

Or more exactly, which they call
" The things of the life "...

1338 S-heya, s-hedí,
yohe, tirúi,
suna Vox-
kálusa Mefít.

The calamities, the misfortunes,
The bad luck, the diseases,
- everything what is capable of
To finish with anyone,
Except with Us-
It is originated by Your arrows.

1339 Au Ya
Mefít ya keis.

Because to Us
Your arrows give us life.
They make us grow
And to overcome all the obstacles.

1340 Nauve laféir, ho Fas
lóseya dosáin
lise kesío

Only we request You, oh Goddess
Of the Arch and the Arrows,
That you warn Us with sufficiently
Precedence and clarity
In order that
Let's learn by experience in foreign head.

1341 Yasír, Hofás :

Grant us, Oh Diosa:

1342 Lehé Hal

The Deep Happiness
Of the winners.

1343 Yasír, Hofás :

Grant us, Oh Diosa:

1344 Hílamas Tus.

The High Smile of the Gods.

1345 Yasír, Hofás :

Grant us, Oh Diosa:

1346 Lamélk:

To be for Us Same:
The Anxiety.

1347 Aisí
Te Déviran :
lecési Kúam.

We are
The Inhabitants of the Earth:
Everything the others is A Nature.

1348 Esá
sane Síam.

You are
To the left of the Destiny.

1349 Oe YAU sáa Sánavo :
To Smúmira.

Since YAU is to His Right:
That of The Big Mercies.

1350 Deon Vosík.

Benediction to His Name.

1351 Dáula ifisám
Flik :
Honét, hérasur ya :
Dola somác.

Under Us and up
The Magic Mountain is
Of the Incessant Ascension of the Life:
Oh NET, have piety of us and do not have it:
It acts since should be.

1352 Dola somác, Honét,
e Cemésu.

It acts since should be, oh NET,
But do not exceed You.

1353 I KONS Melá.

And that KONS's Will Is Made.

1354 Déisul kals
sivár Ment.

Unspeakably beautiful
They are the ways of the Amenti.

1355 Do Sui fákeso
lalás senú yalík.

With the Death like companion
We walk every day of our life.

1358 Ho Sui,
Mofa, Mae.

Oh Death,
Friend and Lover, Saves.

1357 Ho Deu XIR, Fas TIT,
yaméia Móive.

Oh Soul of OSIRIS, Goddess AMENTET,
Teach us To love You.

1358 Selá.

Be done.

1359 Air kui dulixém,
e Vosyakél,
Dásuho Grara,
au, hisi Vesík,
Es kasá :
Disuí, Dinét, Disíam,
di Dram roi
Ikás VIRK :
yosa Deu Klar...

We will fight to live eternally,
But with You to our side,
Oh Invisible Great Friend,
Because, anyone that is Your Name,
You Are everywhere:
In the Death, in NET, in the Destiny,
In the Majesty of the pain
And in VIRK's Doors:
There where the Soul illuminates...

1360 Au Vevís susi savír,
e keyísa disavír, au
savír dúo vuro Vevís.

Because Your Kingdom is not of this world,
But it is also in this world, because
This world also belongs to Your Kingdom.

1361 Máirims,
zi kevírs...

Master of the skies,
The beings and the worlds...

1362 eu Mehék.

Are here Your slaves.